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ValuTel Communications – Your Strategic Partner For Business Phone Systems

As a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC), ValuTel is certified with the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission to offer traditional local telephone service throughout the state.  Traditional Phone Service or POTS (Plain Old Telephone System), refers to a landline phone service that uses copper wiring to make and receive calls.

  • Basic Telephone Lines

  • Facsimile Transmission (FAX) Lines

  • Alarm & Elevator Lines

  • Toll Free Services
  • Market Expansion Lines

Offering Best Business Phone Plans & Features

Best Auto Attendant Phone System
  • FREE Unlimited Local Calling!

  • FREE Long-Distance Calling! (contiguous 48 states)

  • FREE Voicemail!

  • FREE Auto Attendant Services!

  • UNLIMITED Voice Features!

  • NO Long-Term Contracts!

Best Office Phone Systems – Telephone Lines or “Landlines”

Endearingly referred to as Landlines, Plain Old Telephone Service or “POTS”, this analog line is the revered technology that started the entire telecommunications industry.

  • Call Forwarding

  • Call Waiting

  • Call Blocking

  • Call Return

  • Caller ID

  • Three Way Calling

  • Speed Dialing

Market Expansion Lines – Business Virtual Phone Service

A Market Expansion Line or “MEL” is a virtual phone number within a specific geographical area that routes all incoming calls to the voice services of a business in an entirely different location.  For example, if a business in Albuquerque, NM wants to give potential customers the appearance that they have a physical presence in Phoenix, AZ with a local phone number, they would use a MEL.  All calls placed to the Phoenix MEL would be forwarded to the voice services at the Albuquerque, NM location.  This service is usage based, so the more calls that are received, the higher the monthly bill will be.

To learn more about setting up a new MEL for your business, contact us today.

Commercial Phone Service

Why Choose ValuTel As Your Business Phone Service Provider?

Best Auto Attendant Phone System

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With more than 28 years of experience in providing telephone service, VoIP, hosted PBX and Internet service, we have the best tools in the trade to help you improve your business communications.

Best Auto Attendant Phone System

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Your account manager is your single point of contact that is always available to you when you need immediate attention, even when out of the office.

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Our knowledgable technical support team is always available to you via phone, email, or on-site, 24/7.

Commercial Phone Service

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We work with you to develop custom communication features for  your business, satisfying the most strict requirements.