With “Value” in our name we better deliver! 

ValuTel Saves Money!
In fact ValuTel saves from 40% to 80% over traditional phone lines.
ValuTel Saves Time!
ValuTel completely configures and maintains your business phone system. Our experts can quickly tailor your system to your specific needs. But, if you are a hands-on person, we do offer self-serve administration access.
With our competitors, finding a live and knowledgeable person to help could take hours.
ValuTel Saves Personnel Costs!
Since ValuTel completely configures and maintains your business phone system you won’t need your own experts.
With ValuTel’s advanced auto attendant, the need for a full-time receptionist may vanish.

A few of our customers trusting ValuTel with their voice, data and business communications.

Don’t believe us, listen to a few of our customers

“I’m a very satisfied customer of ValuTel Communications.”

“Our business saw a reduction in costs which is a plus for any business.  They do not delay on time when it comes to an issue that we might have so we have seen Reliability and Satisfaction.  The staff is very Friendly and experienced in the work that they do.  I would recommend ValuTel Communications!”

Shawn Guerrero , Gateway Financial Advisors

“Switching to ValuTel has made my online life easier.”

“No more exorbitant late fees and I get to work with real people. Did I mention I’m saving like $300.00 per month?  Great company!”

Nick Harmon, Fresco Harmony

“Very pleased with the service & support offered by ValuTel!”

“We are saving a significant amount of money using their service for our business instead of CenturyLink, and the support provided for (a small number of) technical issues has been prompt, effective and delivered with excellent customer service. I would absolutely recommend their VOIP service for businesses in Albuquerque!” 

Clint Reecer, WESST Enterprise Center

“Being able to communicate with our customers is an absolute top priority for us.”

“We have used ValuTel Communications for many years and recently upgraded our phone service to VOIP phones. We can honestly say that the consistently great service we have enjoyed is now even better. The technical support and training we received while we have been learning has been impressive.”

J. Craig Glover, Director's Choice

“ValuTel built a system exactly to our needs that is simple to use, simple to expand, and simple to make changes.”

“We had so much trouble with our old carrier aways on hold for way too long. It got so bad that we quit making changes to our system!”

Morgan Danielle, Telore

“What do you think about ValuTel?”

“ValuTel” has an interesting and unique sound to it. It combines the words “value” and “telecom” or “telephone,” which could convey a sense of providing valuable communication services. The name also hints at the concept of “vault” or security, which could be appealing to customers looking for a secure and reliable VoIP carrier.

Tested and Proven Tech

Tested and Proven Technologies

Whether it is VoIP, cloud phone systems, or unified communications, we have the best tools in the trade to help you improve your business communications.

We do not keep you waiting

We do not keep you waiting

Your account manager is your single point of contact that is always available to you when you need immediate attention, even when out of the office.

Here to Help

We are here to help

Our knowledgeable technical support team is always available to you via phone or email.

Solutions Tailored for your business

Solutions tailored for your business

We work with you to develop custom communication features for  your business, satisfying the most strict requirements.