Call Center Agent Communicator

Dedicated to Call Center Agent staff for day-to-day efficiency and productivity.

Call Center Agent Edition

Communicator is a desktop application providing Softphone, Conferencing, Call Parking, Faxing, and many more Business Unified Communications features. It provides advanced Business Unified Communications experience with all the communication tools that a business could need or wish for.  

Call Center Agent Communicator

Call Center Agent provides an agent-optimized interface with features that will make their day a lot easier and more productive.  See the status of other agents (phone and presence), send them messages or call them.  See the status of queues, call waiting, agent busy, agent idle, and much more.

Callback and Dynamic Agent

Agent Communicator offers easy logins, reducing staff stress.  The Dynamic login option allows an agent to log remotely into the queue and wait for the next call while listening to music on hold. Callback login is the traditional call center configuration where an agent will answer a ringing phone to be joined with the waiting caller.

Save Money

Manage Costs

Control costs of your company operations. Get rid of that ridiculously expensive phone system and huge phone bills – now!

Maximize Profit

Having an efficient agent who has all the tools at their disposal to better serve callers will improve the bottom line.

Minimize Idle States

With Agent Edition, the Agent can see if they are needed in antlers queue or if it’s a good time to take a break based on call volumes.

Manage Connections

Through the Agent Communicator interface, make calls with a single click, monitor other agents’ status and much more to manage your connections.

Improve Productivity

With so many details in the right place, productivity improves for both management and agents.

Organize Data

Having everything in the right place will allow an agent to do their job without the need to open multiple tabs in their browsers. The CRM add-on module adds CRM integration to keep everything organized.

Agent Status and Efficiency

Agent status allows Agents to know who is available in their queue at all times.  Call queue monitoring empowers the Agent to be more efficient while logged into the Call Center.

Headset Support

Agent Communicator works out of the box with over 100 headsets from the industry leading brands.  Some headsets from manufacturers such as Jabra and Plantronics offer advanced functionalities – allowing you to answer, hold, mute or hangup a call using the headset buttons.

CRM Integration

Agent Edition natively integrates with Salesforce, ZOHO, MS Dynamics, SugarCRM, Zendesk, Bullhorn, and vTiger. Proprietary CRMs can be integrated with Communicator as well using our CRM link. This feature provides access to CRM contacts and leads, Caller ID detection, support for uploading Call logs and Recordings, and more.