Below are the detailed steps to follow for installing ValuTel’s Communicator desktop app. If you have not done so you can download the app following the below link:

⇒ Download page

Using Chrome, once you click on the Communicator desktop app download link you should see a box on the lower left side of your browser similar to that on the left.

When the file is finished downloading click the and select Open.

Using Edge, once you click on the Communicator desktop app download link you should see a box on the upper right corner of your browser showing the progress of the download. Once downloaded you should see a box similar to that on the left.

When the file is finished downloading, hover your mouse over the filename, and click the and select Keep.

Edge will popup a message asking if you trust the Communicator file before you open it.

Click on . This will expand the selection and select Keep anyway.

After trusting the file the downloaded file will now display Open file. You can now click on Open file.


Using Firefox a pop up box should appears towards the upper right of your browser showing the download progress similar to the one displayed.

After the file is done downloading the file should execute.

Sometimes the progress boxes on browsers will become hidden. If so, go to your download folder after the file downloads, right-click the file, and select Open.

To install the app on your desktop Windows will go through a few steps to insure the file is safe and you want to continue with the installation.

If you are running Windows Defender you should see a pop-up similar to the one on the right. Click More info and the click the Run anyway button.

Windows should now display the screen to the left.
Select the Yes button.

User Account ControlX
Do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your device?
Publisher: Unknown
File origin: Hard drive on this computer
Show more details

Communicator Setup Screens

As boxes pop up you need to either agree to the terms or select the defaults and click . Here you want to select: I agree to the terms of the license agreement.

Click to select the default Installation Folder.

Keep the defaults for Shortcut Folder and click .

Click for Ready to Install.

Click Finish for Installation Successful.

If needed a Communicator box will pop up saying: Setup needs to install Microsoft Visual C++ x64 Runtime. Click the OK button.

Checkmark I agree to the license terms and conditions the click Install.

You should get a Setup Successful message if C++ installed properly.

If the below Communicator Profile Setup Screens do not pop up or you have gone through all of the steps above, you will need to run the Communicator app.

Click on the Window Start button on your screens bottom menu. Then type Communicator.

You should see the recently installed Communicator App. Once displayed click on it to enter the below Communicator Profile Wizard Screens.

Communicator Profile Wizard Screens

After Communicator is loaded to your computer and the app is started you should be prompted to enter your profile.

When you subscribed to the Communicator app service you should have received a separate email with your profile credentials including email, temporary password, and login server.

On the Account, tab enter your email and temporary password.

Select the Advanced tab and enter the Login server, keep Uses Proxy settings... check marked, and click .

If you have not changed your temporary password, you should be prompted to Change password. Enter your characters until Password strength displays strong using the below:

Password Requirements

After Re-typing the password click OK.

If you are using a desktop phone check mark Use desk phone. If you are using the Communicator desktop app on a computer or laptop and want to make/receive calls using a connected microphone and speakers, or a USB headset then check mark Use softphone.

After making your selection click . You should now see a Summary page of your entries. If everything looks correct click Finish. Otherwise, click and make the necessary changes.

With the Communicator desktop app, you have the ability to click-to-dial from different browsers by installing a browser extension and then clicking on a phone number and automatically pulling up the Communicator app to dial out. If you want to use this service click Yes.

You should now see a Communicator - Browser add-ons box. From the drop-down menu choose the browser you want to add click-to-dial.