Phone Numbers

Port or generate new numbers for local or international calling, market expansion lines, toll-free, and other uses, such as:

  • Businesses – A company located in China can have a phone number in Los Angeles or London without paying for a fixed foreign exchange line. Virtual numbers are very popular among call centers which appear to be located in one country, when they are in one or more countries in different time zone, delivering efficient 24/7 cover.

  • Specific businesses – Calling cards or callback. Virtual numbers work like access numbers, e.g., the phone number that (calling cards) or callback’s user has to dial to make the call/(use callback).

  • Marketing – Some companies use virtual numbers for various marketing campaigns, or different media channels; this allows them to track which campaign or medium brings what kind of traffic.

  • Virtual services – Various providers of virtual business services (virtual address, virtual receptionist, virtual office) will use a virtual number to tie in their other virtual services together into one seamless solution. This allows their customers to have a phone, address and voice presence almost anywhere in the world.