Phone Numbers

Port or generate new numbers for local, market expansion lines, toll-free, and other uses, such as:

  • Local Phone Numbers – Either keep your existing phone numbers, add new ones or both. ValuTel can port your existing local phone numbers on a given date and time so as not to interrupt your service. Additionally, ValuTel can generate new numbers to add services like fax to email or to be used with SMS messaging.

  • Marketing – Some companies use virtual numbers for various marketing campaigns to track which drive or medium brings what kind of traffic. ValuTel can prefix the caller ID  on any of your phone numbers with a campaign header of your choice, allowing you to identify what campaign the caller accessed your phone number.

  • Market Expansion Lines –  Otherwise known as MEL, are used to give your company a local appearing presence in markets outside of their local calling area. Again, these numbers can be prefixed with caller ID tags like ABQ-, DAL-, LAX-, etc. This way you know what number the caller used to access your business and you can answer the call appropriately.

  • Toll-Free Numbers – Toll-Free numbers allow your customers to call you without incurring long-distance telephone charges. Additionally, a toll-free number has no defined geography allowing your business to appear to be operating nationally. These numbers have expanded from 800-xxx-xxxx numbers to 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888. ValuTel will port your existing toll-free numbers or we can acquire new toll-free numbers for you.