Helping you get back to business

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ValuTel helps you get back to business. Now, as we work together to get our economy back up and running, it’s more important than ever before to evaluate how you can save money on running your business. An often-overlooked area is your business phone and internet services. Are you paying too much for your phone

Come hang out with us at B2B Expo NM Booth #82!

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Exciting things will be happening B2B Expo NM and ValuTel Communications has a lot to show you! Come visit us at Booth#82 to learn how you can replace your outdated phone system with state of the art VoIP and Unified Communications technology! Stop losing customers to poor communication!

You think ValuTel are just resellers? Think again!

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ValuTel can provide telephone service for any business in the CenturyLink Service Area.  This, however doesn’t mean that ValuTel strictly resells CenturyLink service. We are a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) that competes with CenturyLink (and others).  However, there are times when we do resell CenturyLink products and I’d like to use an analogy for

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