If no custom unavailable message is recorded the system will produce its own message, “the person at extension nnn is unavailable please leave your message after the tone, when done hangup, or press the pound key.”

To access the ValuTel voicemail menu:
 Either press the [message] button on your phone and enter your PIN
 or, dial *123 and when prompted enter your PIN
or, once the message starts to play press *

Quick Reference

1-Old / New Messages
3-Advanced Options
1-Send a reply
3-Hear msg envelope
5-Play previous msg
4-Play previous message
5-Repeat current message
6-Play next message
7-Delete current message
8-Forward to an extension
9-Save to a folder
*-Help; during payback 3 sec forward
#-Exit; during payback 3 sec rewind
2-Change Folders
0-New messages
1-Old messages
2-Work messages
3-Family messages
4-Friends messages
3-Advanced Options
5-Leave message for extension
*-Return to main menu
0-Mailbox Options
1-Record your unavailable message
2-Record your busy message
(not used unless pre-programmed)
3-Record your name
4-Record your temporary msg
1-Record a temporary greeting
2-Erase the temporary greeting
5-Change your PIN
*-Return to main menu
After recording you message
1-Accept recording
2-Listen to recording
3-Re-record message
*-Help, replays main menu