How the COVID-19 outbreak changed how we communicate.


In just a few short months, we have seen the way we communicate change.  What used to be face to face interactions and meetings has now transformed into video meetings.  What used to be reporting to the office every morning and seeing the faces of your team, is now watching profile pictures light up as your colleagues’ sign in.  No more donuts in the breakroom or off-site luncheons.  The way we conduct business has changed.  The necessity to stay connected is now even more important than ever.

We have seen these transitions in our day to day operations as well as on our network.  Office managers that were using our Unified Communications for a means of convenience are now relying on our platform to keep people working.   Our Unified Communications platform enables the quick deploy of a remote workforce.   Executives and managers are now setting up virtual receptionist services to handle incoming calls to quickly get customers and clients where they need to go.  The difference is that this is not handled by the front desk receptionist, it’s not an automated attendant that directs callers quickly to where they need to go.

ValuTel has continued to keep pace with these changes in staying connected.  Our VoIP Business Phones, Cloud-based PBX and Unified Communications have always kept teams connected, wherever business took place.

Business Phone System

Our services have always supported “work-from-anywhere” and “work-on-any-device” as a matter of increasing productivity and team collaboration.  Now as our services continue to provide these benefits, we’re seeing that they are more essential to business now than ever before.  ValuTel helps you re-open for business, empowering a remote workforce and save money.  All essential practices during this time.

For more information on how ValuTel can help empower your remote workforce and support your business during these unprecedented times, please contact us here.