Stay Connected. Work from Home.

In response to Gov. Grisham’s declared state public health emergency, we are offering New Mexico employers our expertise, services and tools to setup a work-from-home plan for their employees.

As a business, we understand the impact social distancing has on business activities.

As parents, we understand how school closures change our daily routines.

As New Mexicans, we understand the importance of community strength and support.

Temporary Services, Deployed Quickly to Keep You Connected

Virtual Office – A Cloud-based system to create a virtual office environment installed on computers, laptops and mobile devices.

Auto-Attendant – A Virtual Receptionist, or Auto-Attendant in the cloud that routes incoming callers to the right people.

Conferences – Conference Bridges for remote meetings via local call-in telephone number to host meetings of up to 30 members.

No interruptions, No Contracts, No Switching, No New Equipment

Your work-from-home service plan will be installed temporarily over the existing business phone system without interrupting or switching from the current phone service provider.

Services require no additional equipment purchases and can operate on most internet enabled connections including cellular networks.

Let’s go over your plan. (505) 504-7506