We’ve been busy here at ValuTel!

We’re happy to announce the latest update to ValuTel PBX and ValuTel Call Center, version 6.

Let’s jump right in.

We will be releasing ValuTel PBX version 6 very soon.  With this massive update come the following key features and benefits:

ValuTel PBX

Unified Chat – The chat messaging and group chat features you use every day in Communicator Desktop is not offered on Communicator Go!  Now you can stay in the conversation from your computer, laptop and mobile phone.  All the features of chat history, group creation and adding of participants are now all integrated into the Chat window.

Meetings – Communicator Meeting is a Communicator Module that allows any user to set up meetings without the hassle of switching applications. With access to all of your Communicator contacts you can start collaborating with a single click while offering Video conferencing, Audio conferencing, Screen sharing (specific application or whole screen sharing), Remote control when screen sharing, Group chat.

File sharing across devices – Communicator allows file sharing in both regular and group chats. Files are stored permanently and can be downloaded until expiration time is reached (expiration time can be set up in ValuTel PBX). For image and video files, a thumbnail will be automatically downloaded. In all conversations, sent/received files can be seen in the Files overview screen.

Unified Presence – ValuTel PBX now provides unified presence that is synced across all of your

Devices.  With Unified Presence, the presence of your team that you’re used to viewing in Communicator Desktop, is now synced and unified with Communicator Go.  There are many new features added to Communicator Presence and with them comes added benefits to displaying your team’s availability.

Central Phone Book – Central Phone Book is a centralized list of contacts managed by the ValuTel PBX site administrator. It is shared across all Communicator users and synced together with the rest of the user contacts (Google, CRM etc.). Beside contacts managed by the site administrator, a personal list of contacts can be managed as well. Personal phone books can be managed through Online Self Care.


ValuTel Call Center

New Design for Communicator Agent – ValuTel Call Center version 6 includes a new design for Agent Communicator. All agent features are now located in the ‘Agent Panel’ window, making it easier for the agent to handle multiple calls, feedback forms, CRM popup, callbacks, other agents and queues.

Outbound Call Center (Dialer) – The Outbound Call Center agent works with campaigns. An agent can be a member of multiple campaigns but can be active in only one during the login session.  There are three available strategies: Power strategy, Preview strategy and Progressive strategy.

Personal Callback – The agent can choose the disposition of the personal callback type, and they also have a list of all upcoming and expired Personal Callbacks in the Callback tab in the Communicator Agent Panel. Every personal callback is represented by a name, number, last dial date, and next dial date.

Integrated Web Browser for CRM Popup, Call Popup and Queue URL Popup – If using this feature, Screen Pop and CRM now executes within Agent Communicator versus opening a webpage in your default browser. Also, it is possible to do screen pop based on the URL set per Queue on ValuTel PBX & ValuTel Call Center.

Project codes – In Communicator Agent, ValuTel Call Center agents can now view and select project codes for all outgoing calls. Project codes can be selected from the dial pad for quick access. This keeps statistics on the outbound calls your agents are making.

Blended Call Center – Blended Mode is a feature in ValuTel Call Center that can automatically move the agent from inbound to an outbound call strategy if a queue is not busy, or from outbound to inbound call strategy if there are people waiting in a queue. Blended Mode can be set up as an automatic or manual action.

Extended Supervisor Communicator – With ValuTel Call Center version 6, Supervisor Communicator has been improved with the addition of Agent Communicator functionalities. Supervisors can now log in as Agents to assist with Call Center activities.

Real-time Statistics for the Entire Call Center – Features of the Queues and Wallboard module have been improved so that the supervisor can now see total queue statistics for selected queues, providing an efficient performance monitoring of the entire call center, not just per queue.

Supervisor Communicator Improved Agent Statistics views– Previously, only the agent’s inbound real-time statistics were available to view by the Supervisor. Now, Supervisor Communicator displays the Agent Statistics module with inbound and outbound statistics that include all agent calls (inbound, outbound, direct(in/out)) displaying the calculated statistics.

Campaign statistics – Supervisors can now easily view campaign statistics from the Campaigns tab which displays campaign statistics for the current day.

You really must see it in person.  Contact us to schedule a demo or start a free trial (no CC required).