Albuquerque Journal reporting on Mayor Tim Keller’s strategy for the City of Albuquerque.

One of Keller’s statements stood out to me:

“Some of those contracts are readily available,” he said. “There’s the city’s coffee contract. There’s the city’s business card contract. The amazing thing is either people don’t know about them or the procurement process is too long. You name the reason – we’re going to work on all of those reasons and make sure they’re not a barrier anymore.”

If it’s really this bad, this is one of the first things that needs to be fixed quickly and should be fairly easy to do.

Another article that I’m excited about is here:

“We are focused on supporting and growing the local economy using impactful, meaningful tools. One of the best ways to spur growth is to swap in homegrown vendors instead of out-of-state companies,” Keller said in a statement to Business First.

Although change can bring along uncertainty, it’s going to take the entire state to come together to keep business local and keep money in the state, regardless of the competition and economic strength of national vendors.  Trust local business and the rest will follow.